Thank you so much for your beautiful art and love~! ;u; <3333 Photobucket From:.... Anonymous was on the pm. ;u; I love you though!! So much! D': Photobucket From: MarieRee Thank you~! ;u; I really loves it! <3333 Photobucket From: zo-pai I sooo love ur style~! *o* You drew him so awesomely! Photobucket From:Boshedagh I loves this toooo!! This one was an art trade! ;'D Photobucket From: jayrunner AH! THANK YOU~! ;u; *throwslovingcookies* Photobucket From: swiftkill-brbfan AWW! Haru looks determind~ >u< <33333 TY <333 Photobucket From: faewild Good GOD! He's blinking! I LOVes thIS!! ;O; <333 Photobucket Photobucket From: LyricXxX HujigvHIHN! I just love how cute ur drawings are!!! I really love them!! ;A; *superhuggleoftoomuchlove* Photobucket Photobucket From: RiriTheHedgehog I LOVE them two!! *u* Thank you~! Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket From: Thessui I-I can't get over how unbelieveably beautiful the colors are in there! *A* I just adore them!! Thank you so much !! ;A; <33333 Photobucket From: roleplay14 Thank you so much!! ;u; I can't look away from the pretty Christmas awesomeness~! @u@ Photobucket From: Shadow Leafeon THANK YOU!!! I just love how cute he looks with the hearts around him~! ;u; Photobucket Done by: Photobucket Done by: Photobucket Done by: Photobucket Done by: Photobucket Photobucket Both done by: TY My lord QAQ <33 Photobucket Done by: TY Suukiii >3< Photobucket Done by: TY Kyaaa >u<